Guidelines For Theatre Electricians In Ontario
The following is a set of guidelines for theatre electricians. They are only guidelines and are not governed laws to be strictly followed. This set of guidelines has been developed for the theatre electrician so that theu may have a written guideline to follow in everyday practices.


1. Green is ground
2. White is neutral
3. Black is Hot!!!
4. Murphy's Law is the dominating force that rules our lives.
5. "You are responsible (liable) for everything that you do" - R Epp
6. Playmate is a nasty word.
7. Playmate control is even worse.
8. The technical director is always knows more then they pretend.
9. However, this doesn't apply to the production manager
10. To ere is Human
11. 4 is the source!
12. Scrollers versus changing gel - pros and cons for all
13. If you can hear yourself - the audience can hear you 5x worse.
14. A c-clamp never should get more than a quarter turn!
15. Gel is not something that you put in your hair!
16. Always set traps for the nasty lightboard leprechauns.
17. Never doubt the power of the pickle light!
18. Sholem is king
19. A safety chain is only good for so many shock loads.
20. Ghosts are lamps which find external sources of power.
21. Footcandles are the electricians way of saying " this lamp
don't do shit!"
22. Step lenses really, really suck big goats!
23. Always trust your lighting designer.. he's here for the ride too
24. Never throw out tie line .... you can save a whole $0.02 !!!
25. A twofer is only rated for the cable and connector capacity!
26. A threefer is a bad idea!
27. The Phantom of the Ohms Law is here to haunt you!!!
28. Its always expensive to get good protocol.
29. It only takes one electrician to change a lamp - *** damn-it!
30. A fall-arrest system is only good when tied into something solid

The committee meets once a month in a small church basement gymnasium. They get together to revue all of the guidelines, and make suggestions or ammendments to the list. If you have any concerns or would like to suggest a new guideline, please do not he sitate to send to any one of the committee members. We are here to serve and protect all of the electricians in Ontario.


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