A frame Very tall step ladder with an additional straight extension ladder sticking out of the top of the "A"
Accom pronounced A-Kom, accommodation (hotel/motel room, bus, tent, whatever) provided for the band and crew on tour. Varies in quality from heavenly to diabolical submitted by Tony G RFL
air ride Type of air cushioned trailer used in transporting fragile electronic equipment
Anvil briefcase Brand Name: briefcase of choice for Roadies
Anvil case Brand Name: road case fabricator
apron The very front edge of the stage
Arno Brand Name: Gaffer's tape (reputed to be the best) submitted by Russ Jones
Arp Brand Name: Keyboard related products, now out of business
Art Fag Slang: see Lighting Designer submitted by Tony D
Ashly Audio Brand Name: Amps, EQs, mixing boards.
ax Slang: An electric guitar, bass or almost any musical instrument (corrected by Slash)
B-3 Model of Hammond organ. Distinctive sound caused by a spinning high frequency horn in speaker cabinet
backstage pass Usually a colorful printed self adhesive cloth patch that allows certain access and privileges during or after the show. Highly sought after, and has a high trade value (see also "groupie&quot
balanced line Refers to audio outputs, inputs and cables where the signal is carried on two wires instead of one, the two signals being identical but opposite in phase. Balanced circuitry has much better hum & noise rejection than unbalanced (single wire) circuitry submitted by Tony G RFL
ballink A chain device that can hold up to 4 lights. mounts to lighting truss submitted by tommy lee
bar bands Bands that primarily play in local bars, lounges and pubs. Sometimes they "open" for a touring band
Barcus Berry Brand Name: Musical equipment including electric violins
barn doors Metal doors hinged on the front of some lighting instruments to block off light that would otherwise hit off stage submitted by Gary
"beach" Slang: refers to where something will stay at. It's proper position. "That rack goes over to dimmer beach." See also "lives" submitted by Keith MacFarlane
Beijing Roadcase Same as Mexican Roadcase, but no cardboard, just the foam submitted by DJ HERBIE
Bi-amp Use of two amplifiers to reproduce bass and treble separately after electronically splitting the highs from the lows by use of a crossover
"bit" Slang: To get hurt by a piece of equipment. "John got bit by the truss" submitted by RezPhreak
BJ Tag (see "backstage pass" & "head (3)&quot submitted by Mike "The Tooth" O'Connell
Blinkie slang: Lighting Director (see also "squint&quot submitted by T Green
blow slang: To play an instrument. "Who's blowing lead?" Taken from old horn player lingo submitted by Robot Tekk
board (e.g. sound board, light board) Refers to a control panel typically situated somewhere out in the audience
bobtail Semi Trailer Truck with a short trailer
bog Slang: The toilet on a tour bus submitted by Gary
book of lies Slang: A tour itinerary, which are notorious for being incorrect/out of date submitted by Gary
boom Type of microphone stand, used to get the base of the stand away from something (e.g. the singer, the drum kit)
bootlegger Someone illegally taping a show. Roadies are always on the look out for this vermin, bad things can happen when they are discovered
bottom end The low frequency range of a sound system's frequency response curve submitted by Tony G RFL
brand name act Headliner act playing large venues, with a major record in heavy rotation submitted by ROTO
Brits British Roadies (See also British Slang page)
"C" wrench C-wrench: Crescent wrench, has screw-type adjustment to open jaws; The one tool every light tech or local crew working on lighting should have. submitted by Neil Bergman
Cali Cab (California Cab): The extended-type cabs driving the 53 foot trailers used to haul
the show from venue to venue. Usually driven by IBT (Team