And I quote:

" The lighting director also enjoyed working with the Cyberlight® Turbo fixtures. “They provided the punch we required for such a long throw,” Thornton says. “The narrow lenses were great. Once again the reliability of this industry stalwart was demonstrated by the fact that on the night, only two went down out of a possible 380. The age of the fixtures varied by up to six years. This is a testament of their reliability as the old work as efficiently as the new."

Rohan Thornton LD van de Olympische spelen.

Goh, ik vraag me toch af waarom ze gekozen hebben voor:

300 Cyberlight® Turbo
40 Cyberlight®
136 Studio Beam™
132 Studio Color® 575 luminaires
14 Flying Pig Systems Wholehog® II consoles.

En over de 136 Studio Beams zei Thornton het volgende:
" “The Studio Beam at the Olympics was the most reliable fixture I have encountered in 20 years of special event and television lighting,” he says. “We did not lose one fixture on the night, and we ran at a constant serviceability rate of around 0.4%. To the best of my knowledge, in six weeks of exposure to the elements, we only had to pull down three fixtures for further attention."

I rest my case.

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