A "Roadie" is NOT an alcoholic beverage taken with you in your car.
A "Roadie" is NOT a person that uses a road bike to cycle on the road (although they have taken to calling themselves Roadies lately).

A "Roadie" is NOT a highway department worker that repairs roads.

A "Roadie" is NOT a person working with a carnival (that would be a "carnie" which is not covered on this site)

A "Roadie" is NOT a young girl that wants to "party" with the band (that would be a "groupie" which is covered in the Roadie Lingo section)

A "Roadie" IS a highly trained and specialized technician providing services for touring musical groups. The services can include sound reinforcement (what you hear), lighting and stage design (what you see), band equipment (what the artists play), rigging (those wires everything hangs from at large concerts), video technicians (can that thing get ER?) pyrotechnics and lasers (fireworks and really bright lights), management (someone has to count the money, and hand out the backstage passes), security (can you spot a stalker?), transportation (a.k.a. truck drivers and bus drivers), and on larger shows there can also be production, staging, spot operators, costume, make-up, catering, a piano tuner, and even licensed day care.

Crews range from a one man "bar band" roadie that does everything except play an instrument (well, sometimes they do that too) to the mega shows with dozens of tractor trailers full of equipment, and over a hundred roadies and stage crew.

Depending on the job performed, the skill level and experience, a roadie can make anywhere from minimum wage up to 6 figures. Generally it's a thankless job with long hard hours of grueling physical work, lightly mixed with some of the most rewarding moments a human being can ever experience.

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